A Quick Monday Hello!


Sorry everyone, we’ve been slacking on the blogs but we’re finally back.  We have a little more than a month of summer left and we’re wringing out every ounce of fun before it ends.  Be sure to check back in September for our end of summer review.  A lot has happened since the last post, the biggest being our NEW BOTTLES HAVE ARRIVED!  While these bottles filled with delicious spring water remain biodegradable, you’re going to notice a big change in how they look.  We’ve been working with a boatload of people to design our new label and we couldn’t be happier with what was created.  Thank you to everyone who was involved.  In addition to the new label, we are now offering 3 different sizes for whatever your hydration needs might be.  So get out there and enjoy that last bit of summer, and be sure to grab a bottle of WorldLife Water wherever that adventure takes you!


New bottles are here, YEAH!


Funny, these bottles fit perfectly into your bikes bottle cage!