On December 30th and 31st, The WorldLife Hydration Pros took on the exciting task of hydrating what felt like another dimension in The City of Decadence. Hosted by AEG Live, Live Nation and Global Dance Music, Decadence is “America’s largest New Year’s Dance celebration” where thousands of citizens reflected on 2014, celebrated life and welcomed 2015 with two extravagant nights of music, dancing, loved ones and pure happiness all supplemented by tons of water.



The party was in the Convention Center right in the heart of Denver, Colorado. The venue was lined with epic décor, magnificent art installations and world renowned artists. Split between 2 stages, The Global Dance Arena and The Bass Arena, both nights offered a mind blowing lineup for any EDM fan. Big names included Bassnectar, Kaskade, Grizmatik, Big Gigantic and Flux Pavilion.




As the citizens of The City of Decadence knew, a decadent night of indulging combined with 6 hours of dancing will be victorious as long as one stays hydrated. With 2 massive hydration stations, one at each stage, providing over 25,000 gallons (throughout the 2 nights) of FREE water, we can assume all (responsible) partiers ended their nights happy, safe and hydrated. Our 2 water monsters, 20 5-Gallon Jugs and thirst busters worked hard all night long to keep the water flowing.

WorldLife was thrilled to provide the water and keep over 30,000 very thirsty folks hydrated, cool and ultimately alive throughout the 2 nights!








Thank you AEG Live, LiveNation, Global Dance Music and The Convention Center for a spectacular start to 2015!