Fitness on the Rocks 2014


July 19 was a highly anticipated date of the summer for us as we joined our friends of Fitness in the City for the 4th annual Fitness on the Rocks, the most EPIC fitness event of the year. This year marked our 3rd year being the hydration sponsor.




5 hours of fitness, high energy, sunshine, high fives, awesome vendors with endless schwag, tasty food trucks (Basic Kneads Pizza and Mad Greens) and great, motivated and inspiring people was just a small part of what makes up this massive event. This event brings together the amazing community that is Colorado and we were so honored to be included in it again.









Our biggest responsibility for this event was to accurately estimate how much water to bring in order to keep over 7000 hard working folks cool and hydrated. After much deliberation we decided on 5000 biodegradable plastic bottles of water and, in an effort to reduce the overall waste created at the event, we brought up about 3000 custom reusable ones (made from recycled plastic). A water truck with 3000 gallons of water came to fill our 3 water monsters (each holding 130 gallons of water) and 21 5 gallon jugs, any remaining water was to be used at the water fight. So overall we had over 4,000 gallons of water floating around Red Rocks!








As 6am hit, the sun began to rise and was mesmerizing and the fitness enthusiasts were arriving. The day began with a mile stair run (8 laps up and down the center stairs) and throughout the day people participated in core blast, yoga with The River, Zumba, Crossfit and body combat, there was really something for everybody. This year they even included a rice bag haul that raised money for Project Worthmore, “Project Worthmore (PWM) is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the quality of life of Denver-area refugees from Burma by providing cultural mentorship and community supports.” Heart rates were up, sweat was dripping and everyone was in good spirits.











If not for the scorching sun, we would hardly have realized 12 o’clock rolling around as we were so distracted and enthralled with all the exciting things going on around us. Anticipation and energy continued to soar as we were prepared to end the day with the biggest, most epic water fight. The fight included over 2000 water balloons (biodegradable ones of course), foam water pumps and a variety of 50+ water guns. With more than 800 folks participating, balloons went flying, water was everywhere and people were drenched. Participation wasn’t really a question as every person in that venue reverted back to childhood and had a smile from ear to ear, making sure that noone left dry. Full grown men were shrieking as barrels of water were being dumped on them and children and adults alike used bottles and buckets to pour water on anyone they came across. There were no rules and no exemptions. This was the perfect way to end a tremendous day. It was a great cool down, it helped us get rid of leftover water and it made for some pretty amazing pictures. The water fight was a huge success and we can’t wait to throw another one soon.

















Overall we would say this year was the best Fitness on the Rocks yet and we are excited to see how it grows and becomes even better next year!