Telluride Blues and Brews 2014


The weekend of September 12-14 was spent in Telluride, Colorado as the water sponsors for The 21st annual Telluride Blues and Brews. Telluride Blues and Brews is a 3 day festival and is “one of the most scenic and intimate festivals in the country.” The music was diverse, there was blues, funk, jam bands, indie, rock, gospel and soul performances.  The festival was not solely about the music however, throughout the day there was so much to do- on Saturday there was a tasting from the best microbreweries in the country, while every day there was a wide variety of food and craft vendors, children’s activities and late night shows.

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The festival itself wanted to create as little waste as possible so there was NO plastic bottles being sold on site, which we fully supported, but it meant we had to get creative with our event hydration. We only give bottles to the artists and staff members running the event both at the venue and at their late night shows. It was pretty cool seeing Buddy GuyLee Fields and The Expressions and so many other talented artists drinking WorldLife Water on a stage in front of 10,000 people. We also provided tents that were used as the entry way to the VIP area and the entry way to get into the venue from backstage.







We wanted to create a more personal presence throughout the festival so we brought some awesome hydration packs. These backpacks had 2 tubes that fill up 3 liters of water each. We wandered around the venue daily and reminded people to stay hydrated as we filled up their cups with water. Many people didn’t have cups, or their cups were full with beer so we had them get on one knee and squirted straight into their mouths. The “Thirst Busters” were a huge hit as it was hot and people were drunk. The festival attendees loved us and thanked us for easing their hangovers and providing hydration in a convenient manner. Some folks would even see us from afar and chase us down.

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We left Telluride being known as “Water Boy” and “Water Girl” but overall we played a vital role, met some fabulous people, and had a blast at Telluride Blues and Brews and can’t wait to go back again next year!