WorldLife Water at the Colorado Springs School 3-5-13


We had an awesome experience yesterday talking to Ms. Wills and her 5th grade class at the Colorado Springs School.  The kids were really excited to learn about the WorldLife and how our bottles biodegrade.  The students had great questions for us, such as “Do the bottles biodegrade in the ocean” and “Does cold weather slow down the biodegradation process?”.  Of course the kids always want to know how tall Max is, and if you know, write into us and we will send you a shirt (!  Most importantly it was great to see how concerned the kids we’re about the environment and how small choices can really make a big impact on the planet.  Based on what we heard yesterday, the future of our planet looks bright!  Thank you to Ms. Wills and CSS for having us!

Max and Chip answering difficult questions!

Max and Chip answering extremely difficult questions!